10 DIY Sexual Perfomance Tips You May Have Missed

Improve Your Sexual Performance, The Organic Method (Part 1)

Everyday, I receive at least 5 Spam mails asking me if I’ve erectile dysfunction? Whether I can satisfy my partner? Whether I’d like Viagra or Cialis? Apparently, erectile dysfunction is a large problem and many adult men are reticent about discussing their problem publicly. Among the most embarrassing and shameful states that a person may face during his life is the inability to perform sexually. It’s a problem that lots of men around the world face.

Consider these numbers.

A one from nine man in the usa faces problems with erectile dysfunction. That accounts for more than eleven per cent of men in the nation! So far as the entire number of men you will find in the USA who have problems attaining an erection, the amount sits at approximately thirty million individuals.

Between 20 and 46% of men which are between the ages of 40 and 69 experience erectile dysfunction. Even though the problem is widespread in people of the older era, it may strike young and older men alike.

What meals are excellent aphrodisiacs?

Some foods are believed to improve the libido. The actual reasons might be due to emotional effects on the mind, which will help release certain substances that increase the libido. It’s thought that plant aphrodisiacs include fruits, nuts and a few cereals. There’s absolutely no actual scientific proof that veggies, fruits, nuts or nuts really can improve libido. Much of our present understanding is based on folklore.


Asparagus and artichoke are just two vegetables that appear to have aphrodisiac like properties but nobody knows what substances in them do so trick. Celery is believed to include a hormone known as as androsterone, a male hormone which stimulates sexual arousal in females.

The gingko nut is the most popular, since it is reputed to boost the flow in the lower portion of the human body and so improves the libido.


Grains like ginger help the discharge of testosterone also this also helps libido.


Among banana takes the cake. It’s reputed to contain specific minerals and a molecule known as as bromelain that’s assumed to improve the sexual activity. Chinese vow from the pomegranate as a symbol of fertility due to its seeds. The cherry is regarded as a seductive fruit, possibly by virtue of its own shape. Maybe, these fruits include minerals and vitamins that lead to the well-being of the person and confer a heightened libido.

Dr. Rajesh Vishwanathan, MBBS, became disillusioned with the aggressive allopathic system and educated and capable in Yoga, meditation, Naturopathy organic male enhancement and Homeopathy. He dreams of taking Allopathic medicine with the Option methods of recovery.

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